ACL Call of Duty League

We are proud to announce the inaugural season of ACL’s brand new Call of Duty League! Taking place on CoD: Advanced Warfare, eight teams will face off against one another in a battle to work out who is truly the best in Australia and New Zealand.

Beginning on the 15th of June, the ACL league will take place over a five week period before culminating in an intense Double Elimination Finals Bracket on the 19th of July. Teams will play three times a week - competing on Tuesday and Thursday - at set times while we at ACL will endeavour to provide live action of the matches through the use of our Sydney studio. Upon completion of the league one team will be known as the Champions of the ANZ scene and will take home the largest portion of the prize pool.

A second season will follow and the teams involved will be chosen through a promotion and relegation system that will take into account the placings of the previous season, but that’s not all! The second season, assuming there is sufficient interest, will likely extend in the number of teams able to participate.

Finally, in consideration of the recent announcement of ACL’s partnership with Doesplay, we are pleased to reveal that Doesplay will play a crucial role throughout the entire process of the league, with Doesplay being used as the conduit for several ‘Fight For Your Invite’ competitions that will decide which teams are invited as well as post-season promotion and relegation competitions. Additionally, Doesplay will be awarding points (from their own system) to teams based on their success in the league - which will be very important as their points will often be a deciding factor in the selection and success of teams in the FFYI tournaments.

For more detailed information on the league, please read below:

Preliminary Details