About ACL

The Australian Cyber League (ACL) runs Australia’s first nation-wide competitive gaming circuit, home to the most skilled gamers from a wide array of console and PC titles.

ACL frequently works with publishing partners to help deliver international quality branded events. In recent years, the ACL team has collaborated with Riot Games, Activision & Blizzard to operate World Championship qualifiers in the Oceanic region.

What We Do

ACL is currently the industry leader for live gaming events in the Oceanic region, organising and creating the experience that gamers will take away for a lifetime. This isn’t all our team is capable of. Here’s a quick list of our current offering to the gaming community and vendors alike:


The ACL was founded in 2006 with its roots firmly in the console scene, particularly the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre and Xbox’s Halo franchise.

The organization continued to run grass-roots events until new leadership came to the group in 2009. With this, a capital injection and broader national growth strategy meant the ACL grew rapidly to service more gamers right around Australia. The addition of other gaming titles and genres in multiple cities via a traveling circuit helped establish the Australian Cyber League as the premier gaming tournaments brand.