ACL Melbourne - MA15+ Policy

MA15+ Policy

The Australian Cyber League has always prided itself on being one of the most professional eSports organisations in Australia. As such, we do our best to play by the rules. Throughout Australia, state laws vary regarding the distribution of age-restricted content, including MA-15+ games. As a team, we have made the tough decision to enforce a blanket rule, restricting our events to players and spectators 15 years of age and older. Rest assured, this decision was not taken lightly, and we understand the implications this has on our younger supporters.

ACL has always strived to push competitive gaming to the next level in Australia. This policy is a progressive step towards building the legitimacy of our sport, whilst abiding by all legislations regarding the matter. We appreciate the support we receive from our community and look forward to building a bigger and better future for Aussie eSports.


Can I book a BYOPC slot for MaqLAN and still compete in ACL Sydney?

Yes you can. We will not be able to allow you to compete from your BYOPC location in any of our tournaments however. By running separately managed networks we will be keeping the integrity of our tournaments by limiting uncontrolled variables. ACL CS:Go and SC2 tournaments will have PCs provided in designated areas. While console titles are BYO, these consoles must be positioned with the rest of your team in designated areas. Due to the long schedules of our tournaments, it is unlikely there will be much time to enjoy the BYOPC area however.

Is ACL’s 15+ policy permanent?

The 15+ policy is being brought in as a permanent rule. However, that isn’t to say that it won’t be altered in the future.

Does the 15+ rule apply to online competition?

We recommend that all players of MA-15+ rated games be over the age of 15, and to compete at our live events you must now be 15 or older. For online play, we do not have control over what you play at home, and therefore the rule is not applied.

Can I bring my parent/guardian along, or can I use a permission slip?

Due to the varying laws in each state and territory, and the various grey areas, ACL is enforcing a blanket and strict 15+ policy. Whether accompanied by a parent or guardian or not, all players and spectators must be 15 or older to attend an ACL live event.

The laws in my home state/territory allow me to play, so why can’t I?

As stated, legislation varies depending on where you live. As ACL events are held all over the country, we have made the decision as an organization to enforce blanket rules, covering all players across the country. Therefore, even though the laws may allow it in the state where an event is being held, ACL will not allow anyone under the age of 15 to participate or spectate our live events.