ACL partners with Doesplay

The Australian Cyber League is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Doesplay, where both sites will endeavor to work together for the betterment of Australian eSports as a whole. This relationship will extend to all possible avenues with particular emphasis placed on competitive Call of Duty.

In the last year Doesplay has grown into a hugely popular and respected platform for any type of competitive gamer, from casual to pro, and has established itself as an integral part of the Australian scene. Placing an emphasis on consistent competitions, Doesplay offers the greatest opportunity for widespread participation the Australian Call of Duty scene has ever seen and is now expanding into other games to provide more of the same. With similar aims and ideals, ACL and Doesplay both see this partnership as a boon both personally and for Australian eSports as a whole.

Over the coming days ACL and Doesplay will be revealing the particulars of this partnership and the way both organisations will be assisting one another in their respective competitions - both online and offline. We hope you’ll be excited by what you hear.

Quote from Rob Lineker, the Director of Doesplay

“Having personally worked for ACL at multiple events, I have gained so much respect for what these guys do. From local events to Call of Duty Championship regional finals, these guys are the premier organisation of eSports in Australia.

I find great pleasure in bringing our two companies together, to combine our extremely talented teams to push eSports in Australia & New Zealand further than it has ever been before. I thank ACL for the opportunity to work together and can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store.”

Quote from Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director of ACL

“Over the course of ACL’s history we have looked to form partnerships with other reputable organisers to better service our communities. Particularly for the Call of Duty scene there is no better organisation to work together with than Doesplay. We have seen their meteoric rise in popularity and recognise the solid work they have been putting in to create an expanding player base. Doesplay’s continued activity and tournaments for gamers to get involved with has had nothing but a positive effect on the competitive gaming landscape.

Our team is thrilled to be embarking on a new journey with our new partners. Above all we are looking forward to combining our collective brainpower to create even more memorable experiences for you, the Australian and New Zealand gamers!”

Make sure to check out Doesplay through the links below: