Australian Cyber League

League of Legends

Official League of Legends Rules & Tournament Structure 2014

These rules and structure are in effect for ACL and Riot Partnered Events held in 2014. All official ACL League of Legends rules are still in effect. Should you have any queries regarding the rules please speak to an ACL Admin.


  • All teams are required to have a minimum of 5 players in their lineup, with a maximum of 1 substitute player.
  • All qualifying teams must have 5 players who are 17 or older for the finals event. Any team that does not meet this requirement will risk losing their spot.
  • All players in the top two teams (qualifying teams) will be required to submit age verification documents after the completion of the final stage of the tournament on February 16th. Failure to do so may result in the team forfeiting their qualification spot.
  • Any team who has qualified for the Riot Oceanic Regional Event is not eligible to participate in any qualifying events hosted by ACL. Any registered team who qualifies through another event will be removed from the ACL event prior to commencement.


  • A Double Elimination Bracket will be run over the duration of the 2 day event. Matches will be a Best of 1 series until there are 8 teams remaining in the bracket. At this stage of the bracket matches will become a Best of 3 Series


  • The top 16 teams will be seeded from yearly season points. For the first event of the year (Online Round 1) these teams will be seeded based on the final results from the 2013 Pro Circuit. All remaining teams will be seeded randomly.

Game Types & Hosts - Regular Season

  • The Veto System will be used for all Matches.
  • The Home Team will Host Games 1, 3 & 5 and the Away Team will Host Games 2 & 4.

Hosting & Custom Games Creation

  • The Hosting Player should create the Custom Games Lobby. As the hosting Team changes over the course of a Match, the new hosting Player should leave the Custom Games Lobby and create a new one.
  • Custom Game Creators who start a Game with the wrong Settings may Forfeit the Game, determined by a Tournament Official. Players/Teams who quit out of a Game and claim that the wrong Settings were used will Forfeit the Game if they are unable to provide proof to back up their claim.
  • Teams should play a Host Test Game, for roughly 30 seconds, before a new Host is going to be used, in order to determine if the Host is reasonable. Host Test Games should be played using a Map that the Teams are not scheduled to play against each other so that Players arenít confused about whether the Match has officially begun/resumed.
  • All Players must agree that the Host is reasonable before the start of a Game. If a reasonable Host canít be found, the hosting Teamís best Host must be used.
  • If, after the start of a Game, Host is transferred to a Player who wasnít designated to be the Gameís Host, the Game must still be played.
  • If a Playerís connection to the Host becomes unreasonable during a Game, the Game must still be played. After each Game, either Team may request that a new Host be tested, if the previous Host was unreasonable.

Reporting Results

  • During the Regular Season, the winning Team must report the Match results to a Tournament Official within 30 minutes of its completion. To report the Match results, Teams must report the Match Score (3-0, 3-1, or 3-2).
  • In order to get a Forfeit Win, when a Team fails to attend a Match, a Team must contact a Tournament Official at the end of the Grace Period.
  • Teams should contact a Tournament Official if they encounter any problems setting up or playing a Match.
  • If a Tournament Official is called into a Custom Games Lobby, Players must keep them un-muted at all times and comply with their instructions.