Call of Duty

Australian Cyber League

ACL 2K Series 11-05 - Results

The Call of Duty: Ghosts ACL 2K Series 11-05 was the first ACL 2K series for the ANZ Region. With 2000 MLG Pro Points on the line, as well as determing seeding for ACL Brisbane, a lot was on the line for competitiors. All ACL 2K Series award ANZ players with MLG Pro Points that benefit players locally and internationally.

Placing Team Points
1st Immunity 2000
2nd Mega 1200
3rd Trident 800
Avant Garde 800
5th Red Peri 600
2XO Bruh 600
Team 4NOT C5 600
Original SinAU 600
9th Baaaa Baaaa Goat 400
Fragment AU 400
Royal CoD 400
Team 4Not.Eternal 400
Neekim Gaming 400
Plantronics.Nv 400
~Power Gaming~ 400
eG Team Pure 400