Call of Duty

Australian Cyber League

ACL 2K Series 08-06 - Results

The ACL 2K Series 08-06 hosted the best Call of Duty: Ghosts players and teams in ANZ. With 2000 MLG Pro Points on the line, as well as determining seeding for ACL Sydney, a lot was on the line for competitiors. All ACL 2K Series award ANZ players with MLG Pro Points that benefit players locally and internationally.

Placing Team Points
1st Immunity 2000
2nd Curse AU 1200
3rd Moomies 800
Storm.CP 800
5th 2XO 600
Royal 600
PF.Fame 600
Ugly Doss 600
9th Muffin Stuffe 400
No Sympathy Nz 400
Dynasty Org 400
neco 400
TBA 400
~Team Audacity~ 400
holla the goat 400