Australian Cyber League

Do you see any teletubbies?

The Australian Cyber League (ACL) runs Australia’s first nation-wide competitive gaming circuit, home to the most skilled gamers from a wide array of console and PC titles.

Now running the world’s most popular games across PC, console and mobile platforms, the ACL frequently works with publishing partners to help deliver international quality branded events. In recent years, the ACL team has collaborated with Riot Games, Activision & Blizzard to operate World Championship qualifiers in the Oceanic region. Similarly, the Australian Cyber League also works in partnership with other global gaming operators such as Major League Gaming (MLG) in North America and Gfinity in Europe.

Do you see any teletubbies?

Call of Duty ANZ Regional Finals 2014
Plantronics ACL Brisbane 2014 Gallery
Plantronics ACL Sydney 2013 Gallery
League of Legends PAX Australia 2013

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